By Adam | Feb 3, 2020

Take the extra 20 seconds

I had this thought when I was walking into the house the other morning. I was about to walk up the steps when I noticed a banana peel was sitting beside the green bin – my son is kind enough to empty our green bin on the way out to the bus stop in the morning.

This banana peel was likely a casualty of a combination of the quick run and dump and the fact that the top of our green bin was snapped off the week before because of the cold.

To some – this is easy. To others, very difficult.

The idea is easy.

When you see / identify something that could better “the situation” – your surroundings, life, family, business, etc. consider taking the extra 20 seconds to

Take the extra 20 seconds.


Husband and father of four. I consider myself a family-first entrepreneur, which to me means that I build businesses that enable me to spend time with my family - not ones that take that time away.

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