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A Note On Avoiding Your Own Advice (And Feeling Like A Fraud)

I’m just throwing this out there in hopes that I’m not alone. Every year or so (sometimes even more often) I find myself straying from what I feel is my core advice in a lot of the different areas of my life. As a “content marketing” consultant I hear tumbleweeds across most of my blogs. […]

Your First Thing Might Not Work: But Don’t Let That Stop You

You read about people hitting it big all the time in the media – founders starting businesses on their first try and things catching on and going through the roof, or even selling their businesses for millions of dollars. The hard reality is that your first business or “thing” that you start – especially if […]

So, what do you do? Fighting through an identity crisis

“Find a niche and stick to it.” This is a pretty common piece of advice for people going into business – especially for those of us that operate mainly online. Find your thing – your passion, your desire, your niche, blah blah blah – and use it to make a living. I’m not saying this […]

Automation vs. Authenticity

I suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve seen this debate. With so much tech and so many tools available to us to automated a huge part of our lives and businesses it’s a hot debate in many industries and across many disciplines. You hear of speakers that are up making presentations and their personally-managed […]

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